Participation murder mystery events led by actors.

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  • 1. You can play a character in our murder mystery!

  • 2.  You are part of the murder mystery story and plot!

  • 3. You could be the guilty person!

Have a 1920's theme murder mystery

Fancy dress in our Murder Mystery Nights UK is an option!

Murder Mystery Nights UK are Great for:

* Team Building Activities
* Hen Nights Parties
* Christmas Office Parties 
* Birthday Parties.

Our events are usually as 
Murder Mystery Dinners in the Evenings but can also be in day time.


We come to a venue arranged by you for your murder mystery.


A 3.5 hour event for groups, price is only 590.

It is surprising who you can meet at a Murder Mystery Night.  
Who will you be comforted by?

Why you should book us:

* We have been producing participation Murder Mystery Nights in the UK since 1988.

 * We have a great murder mystery formula; 
it is one in which you to take part by playing a character.
(You don't just watch a play).

In our Murder Mystery Nights: 
1. You see the body!
2. It is where it is found!
3. It is how it is found!
 4. Nothing has been touched or moved!

* You can handle and examine clues and props.

* You try to deduce the answer and to be the Super Sleuth 
of the murder mystery night event.

* In our Murder Mystery Nights you can win the prize 
of A bottle of Champagne and certificates.



In our Murder Mystery Nights, you examine the scene of crime!

SEE how good our murder mystery nights are:


.. a terrific evening .. The whole planning process was very slick and professional, which was much appreciated  having not been on a murder mystery before.
Kate Brown, Motion Marketing

The event was a great success and the quirky puzzle lovers all thoroughly enjoyed the occasion - 
Debra Secunda, Amberside Advisors,

It was amazing and your actor was a bloody star and really made the evening special.
Chris & Mary Lenny.

... absolutely fabulous! 
Everyone had a wonderful time, ..
Ashleigh Dance, Maersk

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