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 lead by actors.

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Murder Nights  

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It is better if it is also fun, Murder Mystery nights are great for Team Building.   
A team building murder mystery event can make 
an enormous difference
and help you to grow.

*  The Team Building murder mystery will emphasise:
1. Working with others 
2. Solving a shared challenge, the mystery. 

*  Sharing evidence and clues during the team building murder mystery night helps to build your team working.

*  In the team building murder mystery night the acting out of your teams' theories gives good bonding and great fun.

Team Building Murder Mystery allows you to examine the scene and  work out th everdict as a team.

Why our murder mystery events?


*  You enjoy working in a team to solve the crime, 
either the whole group together 
or smaller teams of 4-8 people, 
competing against each other.

*  The characters you play help to break down barriers
 amongst your group,
and helps you find hidden skills and talents.

*  In team building murder mystery nights events you use skills of 
deduction, listening, asking and presentation.

*  You view the body where it is found, how it is found, 
with nothing touched or moved.

Murder Mystery Nights Team Building Prices:

Type of event


Price for up to 20 people GBP

Price for up to 40  people GBP

Price for 41 - 80 people GBP

Team Building
Murder Mystery
Half day 
am, pm or evening  




Full Day

690 790


  To obtain your team building murder mystery quote, 
contact us.

You do this by emailing grahame@murder-mystery-nights.co.uk 

Tel:  01790 756 940

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