Participation murder mystery events lead by actors.

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Murder Mystery Party Nights.


In our murder mystery party nights you are each given a character sheet, 
pens and name stickers.

Talking to other characters, you determine who are suspects 
and deduce who is the murder mystery party nights murderer!

Shady characters lurk about in your murder mystery party nights.     In our Murder Mystery Party Nights the scene of crime is examined for you collect clues and make your deductions.

*  In your murder mystery party nights, our actor co-ordinator tells the story,
reveals the further developments and presents the dénouement. 

*  When the body is discovered, you all visit the scene of crime and examine.

*  You examine the body where it was found, how it was found 
and with nothing touched or moved.

In our murder mystery party nights, bodies are there for you to view and examine, if you have the guts!

By collecting the clues and evidence in the murder mystery party night 
and cracking the coded message, you make your conclusions and name your suspect.

If you are closest to the real answer of the murder mystery party night, 
you win a Bottle of Champagne and a certificate.

1. Murder Mystery Evenings - more details

Starting at 7.00 pm until 10.30 pm

2. Murder Mystery Team Building - more details

Often day-time, either the whole day or the morning or afternoon only, 
mostly in the evening.

3. Murder Mystery Over Night - more details

An evening event with answers the next morning.

4. Murder Mystery Full Weekend - more details

Starting Friday 7.00 pm until Sunday noon, at a venue arranged by you.

Book by emailing grahame@murder-mystery-nights.co.uk 

  Tel:  01790 756 940

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